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High China Standard Titanium 520 Motorcycle Chain

The titanium 520 motorcycle roller chain is a non-standard series roller chain. The chain differs from other chains in that it is manufactured with solid rollers and uses heat-treated components for better performance and higher strength.

Titanium motorfiets ketting

Titanium Motorcycle Chain for Sale

The titanium 520 motorcycle chain is the “new” titanium chain. The plates are 6al-4v titanium and are heat treated. The pins are hollow and made of maraging steel, which is the strongest steel in existence. The titanium motorcycle chain weighs only 3.6 pounds, the lightest 520 ever made.

Each link in our chain has uncompromising precision, providing our customers with the lightest and strongest chain on the market, making it the most technologically advanced chain ever made.

It is the lightest 520 chain on the market, weighing 3.6 pounds for 120 links (standard chain weighs approximately over 4.9 pounds) and 4.1 pounds. For 150 links, it is also the strongest at 9,000 lbs. Tensile strength.

Titanium motorfiets ketting

Not only do we offer titanium motorcycle chains, but also we have a full line of china chain sprockets, bearings, motors, reducers, sensors, and more. For more information or to receive an official quote, please Kontak Ons, and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to help you.

Titanium motorfiets ketting Titanium motorfiets ketting

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We export common china kettings and also particular chains for every drawing or sample

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